Roland AR-200R Audio Recorder

The AR-200R Audio Recorder is a 1/2 rack space digital audio recorder/player designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements. The AR-200R offers extensive control options for playing back and recording audio as well as sophisticated internal playlists. AR-200Rs can also serve as slave units in any multi-channel AR playback or recording system. Its 1/2 rack design provides a small footprint for compact and mobile applications.
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Производитель: Roland

ARE-3000 AR Card Data Editor Ver.3.01 (
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AR-200R System Software Update Version 2.0.3 (
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AR Version 2 Added Features (откроется в новом окне)
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AR Card Editor Manual (откроется в новом окне)
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AR-200R Owner's Manual (откроется в новом окне)
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AR Series Brochure (откроется в новом окне)
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